Event Location

The Iceman's Challenge - the Road to Hell is a fun, laid back gravel adventure ride held at the historic Talbert Ranch in China Spring, Texas. The Iceman's Challenge is a race and adventure ride  organized to give gravel riders an opportunity to do a preview ride of some of the remote and most beautiful country roads in McLennan and Bosque Counties.  This year we  offer an 82 Mile Gravel Pursuit & Race and Gravel Pursuit Adventure Ride courses of 61, 48,and 31 miles.  The event takes place on Saturday, December 3, 2016. near Waco, Texas, with all courses located in McLennan and Bosque Counties.

The Iceman's Challenge offers routes along  beautiful  gravel roads, some shaded by trees, some on sunlit country roads that meander through ranches, by rivers, creeks, and streams. We offer three courses featuring  80-85% gravel roads and 15-20% paved roads. The roads vary in surface condition from good gravel, to small cinder like sand, to dirt, to bigger rock, to water crossing, rutted wash outs, to chip seal and smooth asphalt pavement. The surface will be everything from tight gravel in lower elevations to larger rock and rutted roads from water runoff and ATV use throughout the course.


Event Overview

For 2016, we have selected a local family undergoing a major medical crisis with a young toddler undergoing cancer treatment.  Little Emma Beth Greenawalt of Reisel, Texas was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on her brain.  She has undergone a lengthy surgery and is currently undergoing chemo treatments and will undergo radiation in the future.  In order to help support the Greenawalt family during this difficult time, the 2016 Iceman’s Challenge will be donating all net proceeds of the event to the family to help offset medical expenses and any other living expenses they may occur during their lengthy 9 month stay at Children’s Medical Center Hospital in Dallas, Texas.  We ask you to please consider making a donation through your participation and sponsorship of this event and keep the Greenawalt family in your thoughts and prayers.  If you would like to make a personal financial donation of any amount to the Medical Fund for Emma Beth, please make your donation directly to her GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/23q78brg.  Thank you!

Iceman's Challenge Gravel Adventure Race & Pursuit Ride Headquarters and Start/Finish area:
 Location:     Talbert Ranch Barn
5037 Talbert Ranch Road 

China Spring, Texas 76633