Lodging/Host Hotel:  The Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel - Waco - Northwest is our official host hotel.  We have secured a block of rooms at a discounted rates including single king, double queen, King Suites, and Double Queen Suites.  To take advantage of this special rate you must book your reservation by the cutoff date of Wednesday, November 7, 2018.  Due to high demand for and shortage of hotel rooms in Waco during December, please take advantage of our special discount rates and space availability. The hotel can only hold these rooms and guarantee these rates up to 30 days before the start of the event.  To book your rooms you may call the hotel reservations desk at
(254) 799-9997 or if you prefer to book on line the hotel has provided a reservation link on our home and registration pages by clicking on the Holiday Inn photo.  Please provide the hotel with your special reservation code to receive our special discounted reservation rate.  Your reservation code will be provided to you via e-mail when you complete event registration.)  For a map from I-35 North and the host hotel, go to the website at: http://www.icemanschallenge.com/maps.html  and click on the button labeled Midway Park Route.

Restroom Facilities:   There are no public restrooms at the ranch or barn facilities.  We will have Porta-potties and hand washing stations available for your use and comfort located near the barn facility.  There will be no private dressing areas at the ranch so please come prepared to ride and change clothes accordingly.

On-Site Camping Facilities:  Talbert Ranch Primitive Camping offers a convenient place to camp, we will provide approximately 15 primitive camping sites and 5 RV parking sites for your use near the start/finish area at the Talbert Ranch.  We have made special arrangements with the owner of the Talbert Ranch to allow limited camping on the ranch near the barn facilities. We have an area near our event headquarters at the barn facility. Please be advised there will be water for drinking purposes and porta-potties available at the campsite location but, we will have no available electricity, water or sewer hook ups or shower facilities for your use at the ranch site.  As reminder, the Talbert Ranch is a privately owned and operated cattle ranch facility. We discourage open campfires within the designated camping area, but we will provide a couple of fire pits in the campsite area for open fires for people to gather.  To reserve a camping or RV space on the Talbert Ranch facility you must do so on the event registration site at BikeReg.com: https://www.bikereg.com/icemans-challenge-gravel-pursuit.  A $25.00 per campsite fee will be charged to assist us paying for site preparation and additional porta potties for campsite use.  Talbert Ranch campsite reservations may only be made by reserving your campsite on our official registration site listed above.  These are on a first come, first served basis based upon the date and time you register. 

Off-Site Camping Facilities:   For those who have RVs, camping trailers and prefer more upscale tent camping your very best option will be at the Lake Waco - Midway Park Campgrounds.  Midway Park is ideal for families and friends who wish to stay near the Waco city limits. Midway Park is located on the east shore of the South Bosque River, at the point where it expands into Waco Lake. This facility is off TX Hwy 6 West and provides fairly easy access to China Spring, TX and the event headquarters at Talbert Ranch.  A map from Midway Park to Talbert Ranch will be posted before the event weekend on our website.  Go to the website at:  http://www.icemanschallenge.com/maps.html  and click on the button labeled Midway Park Route.

The Midway Park campground offers 38 campsites, nearly half of which have water and electric hookups. Other perks include hot showers, an accessible playground and a boat ramp.
You must make your own reservations on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Service website at http://www.recreation.gov.  The following site address will take you directly to the Midway Park Camping Reservation System:  http://www.recreation.gov/camping/midway/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71293

Event Timing:   This event offers both a timed competitive race event and a non-competitive gravel pursuit adventure ride.  We will provide official timing services with electronic chip timing to each participant in both race and pursuit events.   Through the generosity of our Premier Sponsor, TFNB - Your Bank for Life, Waco/McGregor, will offer each participant free race and pursuit tracking services using
RaceJoy integrated tracking service.  For more information about using our free RaceJoy tracking system and app download please click on our technology Information page tab.

Bike Types:   What bike / tire setup is ideal? Good question!  It mostly comes down to the skills and comfort level of each the rider riding on said roads.  We have ridden each of the courses on such bikes as Gravel or Cross Bikes with 35-38 mm tires, Adventure and Mountain Bikes having 26”, 650B, or 29” wheels and tires. Heck, we have even ridden fat tire bikes and have had an awesome fun time. Ride whatever bike you’d like – gravel-specific, mountain bike, fat tire, hybrid, or road (although, we do warn those attempting to ride courses on hybrid or road bikes you are very likely to encounter your bodies being shook, rattled, rolled and risk multiple flats riding a road or hybrid bike with regular narrow road tires.

Adventure Ride/Race ?:   The Iceman's Challenge Gravel Pursuit will again offer an 82 mile gravel race event, as well as a 64, 54, and 36 mile Gravel Pursuit Adventure Rides.  Therefore, you may choose to go fast, go social, or the speed at whatever the hell you’d like. It’s your chance to race or ride something different in the remote gravel road and areas of McLennan and Bosque Counties.  Please be aware while riding a bike you are considered to be a legal vehicle in these counties and you are expected to follow all traffic laws, road signage, posted speed limits and traffic signals as other legal vehicles.

Course Support:   You MUST be 100% responsible for yourself out on all routes.  All routes get very remote at times and in some areas are limited to certain vehicle requirements making it hard to get too.  We cannot guarantee any official event vehicles out on all routes to monitor and assist riders.  You may encounter livestock and wildlife on every route. You will be riding on roads that travel through private working ranches where livestock such as cattle, sheep, and goats graze along roadways. You may encounter deer, feral hogs, coyotes,  fox, cougars or other wildlife along some of the remote courses. 

Course Boundries:   All routes are mostly on rural unpaved and paved roads that will pass through private farms and ranch properties.  It is very important each rider understand they are to stay on roadways at all times.  Walking or riding off roadways and onto private property is considered trespassing which can result in arrest or fines if the owner chooses to do so.  We ask you be respectful of all landowners privacy and property rights.

Nutrition, Food and Hydration:   Again, this is a gravel adventure ride event.  We will offer very limited support to participants out on the event routes.  Please come prepared to be self sufficient and 100% responsible for yourself out on all routes.  There will be limited conveniences and almost no source of hydration or nutrition along each route with the exception of a few convenience stores and small cafes in the towns of Valley Mills, Clifton, and Meridian.

Course Markings:  This is an “Gravel Adventure Race and Pursuit Ride event so please follow the marked race course.  All courses will be marked with IMC Event signs and turn arrows or painted marking on roadways at key turn intersections.  The gravel county roads along each course are marked with designated signs with most roads having County Road Numbers marking them. Please be aware some road signs may be missing so please utilize and rely upon the course signs and turn arrows.  We highly recommend using a cycling computer or a Garmin GPS or similar unit.  You will able to download each of the course routes from our Iceman's Challenge website on the Maps Page.  These will be posted and available beginning Monday, November 26, 2018.

Communications: Please note your route will be in some very remote and low areas which will have little or no mobile phone or internet connections. The Iceman's Challenge, the event directors, sponsors or volunteers are not responsible for you getting lost.  If you decide to bail out of your ride you will certainly want to know where you are going and use course signage and/or maps to assist you finding the quickest and safest way back to the Event Headquarters at the Talbert Ranch facility.  Each participant will be given an emergency telephone list to reach Event Headquarters. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the RaceJoy App downloaded to your smartphone.  This App will provide you a turn by turn map of each event course and will give you verbal cues at turns and if you get off course.  Using the RaceJoy App will allow us to find your location quickly should by become lost on the course.  For more information about RaceJoy and downloading the App please go to the RaceJoy Tracking Info page on this website.

Emergencies:  Please note that In case of an emergency medical situation where you or another participant has been involved in an accident,  medical injury or illness you must call 911 and report the accident, injuries and location.  In the case of a severe mechanical breakdown you may try calling Race Headquarters for SAG assistance.  

Race & Pursuit Adventure Ride Rules & Requirements:

  1. All participants must sign our official legal waiver at registration and at the event prior to participation in the Iceman's Challenge - Road to Hell Gravel Adventure Ride.
  2. All riders shall wear a helmet certified by CPSC or ASTM whenever they are on their bicycles participating in the Iceman's Challenge events.
  3. All ride participants and volunteers shall conduct themselves in a safe and prudent manner.
  4. Follow the prescribed route at all times.  Race participants may not alter or cut the course and must check in at official rest stations on course and cross timing pad at the Official Timing Station located at the official Start/Finish line.  All courses will be posted online prior to the event. All race and pursuit riders should carry their cell phones or have a personal gps unit on their bike.
  5.  Every rider, without exception, must obey all traffic laws, including stopping at all stop signs and signals. Riders shall stay to the right of the road as conditions permit and ride single file whenever prudent ( motor vehicles and traffic are present).
  6. All riders must check in prior to starting and check out when off the course.  You must notify the event director or volunteer if you withdraw from the race.  All event courses close at 6:00 pm CST.  Any participant remaining on course after 6:00 pm CST will be asked to be transported to the official Start/Finish line by official event support vehicles.
  7. Cyclists shall not use cell phones for conversation or texting while riding. If cell phone use is necessary the cyclist must pull off the road for the duration of the conversation.
  8. The Iceman's Challenge officials recommend all riders carry cell phones and take advantage of our free RaceJoy Tracking System provided by First National Bank .  As mentioned in the Communications Section, all riders should recognize that cell phone service may not be available in a few areas traversed by the ride. In the event of a medical emergency, riders should immediately call 911 via cell phone or other practical means, (e.g. residential telephone line). Riders should then contact the Ride Director per the telephone numbers provided on the Emergency Contact information provided at check-in and at the race meetings.
  9. Use common sense at all times.
  10. All participating cyclists are responsible for food, water, repair of their bicycles, and all support matters as stated herein.
  11. Cyclists must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or banned substances while participating in the ride event.
  12. The Iceman's Challenge organizers reserve the right to alter these rules as unforeseen circumstances arise for the safety and well being of all involved.

Iceman's Social Rules:

  • Respect the ranch and private property you pass through.
  • Leave no trace.  Pick up and pack out all your litter.
  • Stay on the roadways and never trespass on private property.
  • Do not feed, play with, or bother livestock….they aren’t your pets and ranchers don’t like you foolin’ with their animals.
  • Be nice to others…and please don’t be an ass!
  • For gosh sakes....this is a family event, don’t pee or defecate along roadways…be courteous to others.  Go find a darn tree or bush to hide behind if you have what Iceman calls a PNB (personal nature break).
  • Watch for wildlife and don’t feed, play with, or bother them either.
  • Stop and help another participant if they are injured or having a problem…remember what comes around, goes around.
  • Ride Your Bike, Have Fun, Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
  • If you aren’t having fun….Just stop!

 Final Considerations:

We cannot stress enough being responsible for having the proper on-bike gear, safety equipment, nutrition, hydration fluids, as we have limited ability to give you a ride if you decide you cannot go on.  There are shorter distances, and easier ways to get back to the race headquarters from each small town or our two aid stations if you decide not to carry on.  But your choice to dropout means you still must find a ride or way back if you should decide to bail. This is another reason we strongly suggest you carry your phone and/or on bike gps unit. With this being said, please prepare wisely and make good personal decisions.  Please remember we are visitors on theses roads and in the towns we pass through.  Represent your sport well so we are welcome to return.  Please be courteous to all riders, volunteers, vehicle drivers and property owners.

Additional Information & Event Updates:   For event updates, maps and specific information please go to the Iceman's Challenge Facebook Page